Why is a wedding cake traditional?

 Have you ever wondered what is the importance of having the wedding cake tradition at weddings in the 21st century?

At the end of this 4-point article, I hope you will be armed with all the information you need to decide if you will embrace this tradition or not.

Arguments for upholding the wedding cake tradition

It’s Iconic

In ancient Rome, a groom would break barley/wheat cake over his bride’s head to bring luck and fertility. Naturally, onlookers would scramble to get some of the scattered crumbs and therefore share in the newlyweds’ luck.

When the Romans conquered England they brought this tradition with them.   By the 16th century, this had evolved into the official ‘Bride’s Pie’. This was a large pastry stuffed with oysters, lamb’s testicles, veal pancreas and cocks comb {an edible flower} …… yummy!!   The myth goes that the entire pie had to be eaten to ensure the marriage was a lucky one. Conversely, it was considered rude not to take your share when offered.  Luckily single maidens had the additional incentive of finding a hidden glass ring in their slice. This signified they would be the next to marry.

Toward the 18th century sugar, exotic fruits and spices became more accessible to the wealthiest families.  Subsequently, they were able to serve the yeast-enriched cake at their wedding ceremonies. These cakes contained currents and plums, flavoured with nutmeg, musk and ambergris – whale vomit to you and me!!  This was all coated in white icing or almond icing. Henceforth, it became a sign of social status to have a white wedding cake at your nuptials

Wedding cakes became a ‘must-have’ item after Queen Victoria served a brilliant white, iced fruit cake on her wedding day.  The icing was aptly coined ‘Royal Icing’ after this event.  Moreover, the cutting and serving of a white wedding cake came to symbolise good luck, fertility and high social status in English culture

So, if you appreciate tradition and history, like me, then opt for a wedding cake

It’s a Focal Point

I firmly believe that your wedding cake is a centrepiece and a work of edible art.  It’s an iconic part of your wedding day which ties in all the aesthetics and tone of your big day. As well as that, wedding cakes also portray a true reflection of you as a couple.   Gone are the days of ‘having to have’ a royal iced fruit cake, unless this is your chosen style of course.  For example, I often take inspiration from wedding gowns or invitations when designing my couple’s cakes

As a clever alternative, I also offer dessert tables which can include iced biscuits, cupcakes and cake sicles

Above all, I strongly encourage you to have a consultation with a wedding cake designer. Expertise is what is needed to steer you through the numerous decorative options available today. Clearly, a bespoke wedding cake design will guarantee that your wedding cake will be talked about for ages.  Furthermore, a beautiful cake can be inspirational to some of your guests who might be planning their own weddings.  Don’t worry about them getting the same cake as you though; cake designers will never make the same cake twice

It’s Inclusive

Here in England, your wedding cake is usually on display for most of the day.  This means that your evening guests will witness a significant moment of cake-cutting. They will still have an enriched experience even though they missed out on the ceremony and wedding breakfast.

Undoubtedly, the cutting of the wedding cake commands the attention of all your guests and is one of the key sought-after photographic moments for you to look back on

It’s a Dessert

Modern wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes with different, luscious flavours in each tier!

It will come as no surprise to you that I think cake is perfectly suited to be served as a dessert.  Choosing a caterer or kitchen who will oblige your request to serve dessert-sized portions instead of finger slices is a must.  Warm custard, double cream or fruits and ice cream are delicious pairings with cake

In my opinion, a wedding cake can be just as much a symbol of a marriage celebration as a bride’s gown. However, do not let others pressure you into having a cake at all if it is not your preference.  Without a doubt, there are many alternatives these days through which to fulfil your wedding dreams.

Here at Anesha’s Art of Cakes, we are all about using our expertise to help you make your wedding day one to remember. Let me help you create a memory that is timeless and truly reflects you as a couple. After all, it is your special day as a couple and your guests are joining you to share your pleasures.