When you start researching wedding inspiration, one of the first questions will ask yourself is ‘Which wedding theme will I choose?’. No need to be intimidated by the sheer variety out there as I am here to help you to familiarise yourself with the popular themes of today. I know it feels like you have to learn a new language when it comes to weddings, but it is my hope that at the end of this no-frills blog you will feel more at ease with navigating the world of 2022 wedding themes. I have categorised them alphabetically because it makes it easy for you to skip ahead if you want to but also because I am the ‘Monica’ in my group of friends


Bohemian (Boho) Weddings

The free-spirited couple would tend to choose this wedding theme. Venue décor emphasises organic elements like wood, animal hides and woven textiles such as burlap, crochet, and macramé. Couples tend to go for dried wild or flower bouquets, crowns and greenery. The colour scheme leans heavily on earthy tones and greenery. Couples’ attire is usually effortless and floaty with vintage or lacy details. Dining is most commonly formal but can be buffet or cocktail style. I would recommend wedding cakes be semi-naked or naked along with sweet treats like doughnuts, cupcakes and biscuits


Classic/Traditional Weddings

If you are a traditional couple who does not want your wedding photos to look dated on your 50th wedding anniversary, then this wedding theme is the choice for you. The décor and colour schemes are minimal and timeless in mainly bright white and greens. Attire is often formal black tie with ball gown dresses which incorporate beaded embroidery or intricate lace. Symmetrical bouquets of pale roses or orchids are often used with great effect. I would recommend your wedding cakes be of significant height such as 5 tiers finished in sugar paste with white or subtly coloured sugar flowers and intricate royal iced details


Destination Weddings

This is a vacation wedding for the adventurous couple who want to get married away from their home. Many elements will be out of your control and you will have to trust the resort or local wedding planner to handle most of the arrangements.  Undoubtedly, if you choose this wedding theme is perfect for those of you who prefer a laid-back approach to wedding planning. Décor and dining will largely depend on your wedding planner, but you should be able to pick from different themed packages to find something you will love. I strongly recommend taking your own beautician and photographer. You will also need to be mindful that there is a good chance that many of your invitees may not be able to make it. Indeed your guests’ time, financial and health constraints will need to be taken into consideration before embarking on destination wedding plans


DIY Weddings

Are you creative and want to save money? This is the choice of wedding theme for you, especially if you want to handle every detail of your wedding arrangements yourself. Aim to hire a private venue or, alternatively, install a marquee in your own garden. Bouquets and decorations are commonly made by helpful family and friends. Whilst this is part of the enjoyment of this style of planning, you would be wise to acknowledge that it will be very overwhelming at times and that your helpers may let you down. The key is to have a few contingency plans for critical items. DIY weddings tend to be smart but relaxed in dress code and embrace a warm cocktail party approach with a diverse mixture of styling elements. I encourage a dessert table for these weddings as it offers a variety of treats to suit everyone’s fancy


Fantasy Weddings

Do you want to get your geek on? There is no finer way to express your creativity and passions than to choose a fantasy-themed wedding. Décor and colour schemes are as varied as you can imagine, including Fairy Tale, Sci-Fi, Steampunk and Goth. Dining styles can be formal but more often fun and relaxed or cocktail style. Marital attire can be traditional, cosplay or a combination of both. I would design a showstopper wedding cake covered in sugar paste giving lots of freedom to include personalized themed accents such as Golden Snitches or glass slippers!


Glamourous/Luxe Weddings

These are effectively high-end traditional weddings. The luxurious wedding themes appeal to those who really want to splash out on their big day. You will find lots of sparkle, metallic accents, lush fresh flowers and artisan wedding favours’. The aim is to produce a show-stopping wedding held at castle venues or old manor houses with impressive gardens. Marital attire includes black tie and regal or Hollywood style gowns. Without doubt, you would include a silver-service dining experience. Moreover, the wedding cake calls for towering opulent designs including state of the art props


Industrial Weddings

This is suitable for a traditional couple who would like their wedding to be held in a refurbished building like a pumping station or factory. These buildings often feature polished concrete floors, aged timber beams, peeling paintwork and exposed brick and pipe-work. As a result, the venue will be a blank slate ready to dress in a no-frills tone. Your venue dresser would incorporate acrylics, galvanised metal, copper and reclaimed wood alongside greenery and elegant drapery. The aim is to produce a glamorous yet gritty result. Couples often choose modern and minimalist wedding outfits. Dining options would suit either a formal sit-down meal or a cocktail-style reception. I would design a wedding cake which incorporates just a few of the textures and geometric patterns to mirror those at the venue, for example; concrete textured sugar paste with copper leaf

Modern/Elegant Weddings

This a particularly popular theme for couples who like a traditional wedding but with a modern twist. Couples may love the idea of a church wedding for example but then opt to have the reception in a conference room with simple décor of a monochromatic colour scheme. Couples normally select an on-trend gown or suit and will opt for a mismatched wedding party. Formal sit-down or cocktail parties are great dining options. On leaving the venue, the couple will hop into a luxurious limousine as opposed to a horse and carriage. The cake I would design for this wedding would be multi-tiered in a non-traditional shape such as a square or hexagon with minimalist sugar flowers


Rustic Weddings

(Barns, Farms, Sheds, Vineyards, Outdoors, Marquee )

As you plan your wedding you will hear this term repeatedly. ‘Why?’ you ask. According to many couples, it is very desirable to have a natural look which lends itself to a relaxed event as opposed to a stuffy one. The aim is to create a warm and welcoming vibe for maximum enjoyment. Typically you will find barn tables dressed with hessian table runners, wooden/dried flower confetti, Mason jars filled with wedding wands and fresh or dried fruit. It is very common to incorporate flowers and greenery such as vines arranged in a ‘wild’ style. Boho weddings are a type of rustic wedding but are less formal in their attire and dining than rustic. Rustic wedding cakes normally call for textured buttercream with fresh flowers and bespoke wooden toppers

Vintage Weddings

Perhaps you are a couple who loves a bygone era (1920 to 1970). If so then this is the wedding theme that you can choose as it is not only sustainable but gives you plenty of room for interpretation. First and foremost, vintage marital outfits and jewellery are a must as they are not only a piece of fashion history, but they are more artfully made than today’s machine-made items. Your décor is largely determined by booking a well-preserved historical venue which carries all the architectural elements you love. Moreover, these celebrations call for a refined cocktail party using heirloom tableware. Remember to include a beautiful getaway car to compliment the theme of your vintage era. I have been getting a surge in requests for vintage piped buttercream and royal iced wedding cakes lately and it is easy to see why

Finally, allow me to leave you with my reflections. This blog was only meant to demystify the different categories of wedding themes and not to place the biggest day of your life conveniently into one section or another. After all, you can choose a converted barn decorated with Art Deco elements for your venue, whilst wearing a Cinderella-style wedding gown or Tuxedo and get away in a helicopter if it takes your fancy. The bottom line is that this is your big day and you need to style it in a way that you and your most favourite people can remember forever. Choosing your wedding theme is completely up to you!

I really hope you found this blog informative.