Wedding cake for 100 guests


As a wedding cake designer in Nottinghamshire, specialising in intricate luxury designs, I’m excited to assist couples in selecting a wedding cake for 100 guests. Here’s what you should consider to ensure your cake is perfect for your special day:



How much wedding cake for 100 guests

For a guest list of 100, it’s crucial to choose the right cake size. Typically, a three-tier cake is suitable. One of my most popular three-tier cake combinations is

  • Top tier (5 inches): Serves about 13 guests
  • Middle tier (7 inches): Serves about 29 guests
  • Bottom tier (9 inches): Serves about 49 guests

This configuration yields approximately 91 servings. To cater to all 100 guests, your designer may recommend a fourth tier or additional sheet cakes.


Wedding Cake Flavours Selection

Picking the right flavours is essential, especially for diverse tastes among your guests. Drawing from my expertise in global flavours, I suggest a mix of traditional and adventurous options. Consider combining classic choices like our signature Victoria Sponge Cake with unique flavours such as Hummingbird Cake and Trinidadian Black Fruit Cake. As a wedding cake designer with a multicultural heritage, I can help you achieve a balanced flavour profile to please everyone.


Design Coordination

Your wedding cake should match your chosen theme. You can guarantee a cake that harmonises with your special day by sharing your vision, Pinterest boards, and design ideas. With over a decade of experience, Anesha’s Art of Cakes can craft detailed sugar flowers, handmade figures, or simple yet elegant designs.


Accommodating Dietary Needs

Addressing dietary restrictions is crucial. Please inform your designer about any gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan requirements. Anesha’s Art of Cakes will make sure to take into account all dietary needs while maintaining delicious and visually appealing options.


Budget Considerations

The cost of a wedding cake for 100 guests can vary based on design intricacy, flavours, and additional elements. On average, expect to spend between £500 and £1,200. Share your budget with your wedding cake maker to find a suitable balance that meets your expectations.


Wedding Cake Tastings and consultations

Scheduling a tasting session is an enjoyable part of the planning process. It allows you to sample flavours and finalise your selections. Additionally, in-person consultations are crucial to guaranteeing that professionalism and hygiene are up to FSA standard regulations. Here are my FSA ratings


Delivery and setup

Logistics play a vital role in the cake experience. I plan delivery and setup with all relevant suppliers well in advance. With over 10 years of industry experience, I will handle transportation and assembly at your venue to ensure a flawless presentation for your special day.


Cake cutting and serving

Coordinate the cake-cutting ceremony and serving arrangements with your venue. As part of my service, I provide them with the serving count and any specific instructions to ensure each guest receives a perfect slice of your beautifully crafted cake.


Summary of what to consider when ordering a wedding cake to feed 100 guests

When you order a wedding cake for 100 guests, you must pay careful attention to size, flavours, design, dietary needs, and logistics. Collaborating closely with an ex[experienced wedding cake artist will result in a visually stunning cake and a delightful culinary experience for your guests.

Remember, your wedding cake is more than a dessert—it’s a centrepiece, symbolising the sweetness of your union and the joy of your celebration. Enjoy the process and savour every delicious bite!

If this was helpful and you would like to discuss your wedding cake with me please get in touch here