Wedding cake cost UK



Are you a bride or groom who wants to know what the average wedding cake cost is in the UK? This article will explain why there is no such thing!

The centrepiece of a wedding is a cake that is both delicious and artistic. Couples choose custom designs and distinctive flavours to fit their personalities, and these delicious works of art have come to be associated with status and grandeur.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. For instance, a couture dress costs more than a dress from ASOS. Similarly, wedding cakes are bespoke and specialty items. Naturally, they cost more than a mass-produced, flash-frozen supermarket cake full of unnatural ingredients and E numbers.

This article will delve into the different factors that every soon-to-be bride and groom should be aware of, which influence the cost of a wedding cake.


What affects the wedding cake cost in the UK

Customization and design complexity

The level of personalization and the complexity of the design are the two factors that directly affect the price of a luxury wedding cake. A three-tiered wedding cake with delicate handcrafted sugar flowers, lace, and custom figures would require more work and time from the artist. The most important resource is time, which cannot be obtained for free. So, it only seems sensible that the price of a professional cake maker’s services would reflect this. My wedding cakes take a minimum of 40 hours to produce.


Special Flavours

Bespoke wedding cakes frequently feature distinctive flavours that create a lasting impression. Gourmet flavours like my Prosecco-raspberry cake, chocolate tonka bean cake, or Hummingbird cake are selected by couples looking for something unique. The price of the cake is greatly impacted by premium flavour and ingredients.


High-Quality Ingredients

Luxury wedding cake makers use only the best ingredients, simply because it guarantees a lavish and unforgettable taste experience. High-quality imported spices, premium chocolate, and organic fruits fetch a premium price. You have only to think of the price gap between Wagyu beef and a supermarket own brand to understand what I mean.


Sugar artistry of high calibre

A luxury cake artist has years of professional training, a 5-star food hygiene certification, full public liability insurance, and at least ten years of experience. Naturally, this level of craftsmanship plays a big part in the price of a cake. Indeed, my prices reflect the quality of my beautiful handmade sugar flowers and fondant-covered cakes. These are the Louis Vuitton of wedding cake decorations because of their wow factor.

Hobby bakers who bake in their spare time may use less expensive ingredients. has little formal training and a limited skill set. Therefore, she is likely to charge significantly less than a full-time cake artist. It is therefore critical that couples do their research before hiring their cake maker. Some things to look out for are a website with high-quality images, reviews from happy couples, recommendations from other suppliers and venues, and whether they have won any industry awards.


Servings and Cake Size

The cost will also depend on the cake’s size and the required servings. Larger, multi-tiered cakes require greater structural support and careful assembly. Only a skilled, highly experienced cake maker will know the intricacies of how to support a multi-tiered cake. Once again, it is worth its weight in gold to hire an artist with several years of experience to make a wedding cake. I am sure you will agree that a wedding day is not the day to have a disaster.


Setup and delivery

A premium wedding cake service will include safe delivery and an attractive set-up wedding cake at your venue. The cost of delivery may vary depending on the distance to the wedding venue, the difficulty of the setup, and the requirement for on-site coordination.


Summary of what affects the cost of a wedding cake in the UK

Wedding cakes are a crucial aspect of a wedding’s visual design and food, and a high-quality cake is essential for a picture-perfect day. Poor-quality cakes may not taste delicious, look untidy and unimpressive, be made with unnatural ingredients, or even make your guests sick! To avoid disappointment, invest in quality and collaborate with a qualified expert to meet deadlines and provide work deserving of the day. Remember, the wedding cake’s significance in terms of flavour and appearance will be a critical factor in ensuring a memorable experience.

I hope you found this article informative. I hope that you see the importance of setting a realistic budget for your wedding cake and will consider my services for your wedding cake. As for myself, the average price of a three-tier wedding cake is £800. My sugar flowers range from £100 to £300.

However, if you have a lower wedding budget, there are ways to save on various aspects, which I can also assist with. Please see this bride book blog or contact me here.