You have just engaged and you want to know how to plan a wedding straightaway! STOP Read my three top tips for newly-engaged couples before you do anything else!

As an experienced wedding supplier and having been married twice I would like to share some of my tips with you. But first a little on the back story which inspired this blog

My little brother (the lad on his knees) planned the most amazing one-month-long holiday for his girlfriend touring Europe. The highlight of which was a stop in Santorini to ”pop the question”. ‘D’  and I are very close so when he told me his exciting plans I of course jumped at the chance to help him. Here is what they found to be the most useful recommendations.


Engagement photos are a must

From a practical point of view, this provides an invaluable opportunity for you and your photographer to get to know each other. This is why it is my first top tip for newly-engaged couples. Firstly, you can work through your camera shyness, understand the photographer’s style and they understand your expectations of them. Another pro tip is to hire the same hair and makeup artist for this shoot as you would for the wedding. You guarantee that your look will be a point on your big day and that it will be perfectly captured. More importantly, an engagement photoshoot is a fun way to really capture and celebrate how you feel right now. Wouldn’t you love to look back on those sweet photos on my milestone wedding anniversaries?


Don’t rush into planning

This is my second top tip for newly engaged couples. My biggest regret was letting the overwhelm of planning my first wedding get the better of me. I rushed into making lists, paying deposits and booking things. Sadly, when I began to research what I really wanted, it was far too late to change my mind without losing huge sums of money. This in turn led to upset, irritability with my partner, disappointment and even more overwhelming. It’s best to take a step back, look at the big picture and schedule your planning sessions. For instance, my brother and his fiancé researched wedding venues over one month. When that was booked they moved on to choosing a wedding cake flavour and design


Enjoy yourselves

My last tip top for newly-engaged couples is a crucial one:- don’t spend all your time together planning the wedding. Make spending quality time together a priority. This sweet engagement season only happens once so savour it! Take regular breaks where you will have no access to your to-do lists and turn your focus back to enjoying the magic of being in love and relishing the excitement of starting a new chapter in your lives together. Those wedding planning books will be there waiting for you after a romantic city break or day at the beach. It is all too important to avoid burnout before your big day rolls around

I know this may be a lot to take in or maybe it seems obvious. Either way, I hope it helps to enjoy your engagement season that little bit more