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A story about Anesha’s Art of Cakes.

About Anesha Wedding Cake designer

My Origin Story

Hi, I am Anesha the creator of luxurious wedding cakes at Anesha’s Art of Cakes. I didn’t always deliver beautiful wedding cakes across East Midlands. Let me tell you a brief story about me and why I run my business the way I do.

I grew up in an idyllic little village on the tropical islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Our bungalow lay at the doorstep of my Aja’s (paternal grandfather) five-acre garden. My siblings and I played hide and seek daily among the cocoa, coffee, banana and tonka bean trees. When we needed a snack, we would help ourselves with mangos, cashews, guavas, or coconuts. Meanwhile, every meal my mother made was from scratch with fresh, in-season produce from the land around us. This authenticity was brought to my kitchen in adulthood.

I have always been dubbed as the artist in my family and dreamed of being an artist. But, like many women from the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, I followed the stereotypical path set by my parents. My dormant passion for creating was reawakened with the birth of my children. I had a great deal of fun carefully constructing their birthday cakes. The best part was seeing their little faces light up when they saw their favourite character cake for the first time. Also, I felt very proud to see all my friends and family eat every bit of cake that I baked from scratch using the freshest, organic ingredients I can find! I wanted every spoonful of cake to be delicious, moist, fresh and comforting, just like the cakes my mother and Aji (paternal grandmother) made for me. I knew there was no turning back at that point.

Needless to say, I set out to master the art of sugarcraft from the legends in the field. Once I gained enough skill and confidence, I daringly left my 9 to 5 job as an Optician to start up Anesha’s Art of Cakes.

Wedding Cake Designs

My Purpose

I am grateful that I followed my desires because it has grown into a full-time business and career I am passionate about. Therefore, I have made it my mission to encourage couples to focus on their desires and do what makes them happy.

I know too many couples compromise their tastes to accommodate others when planning their wedding day. Your wedding cake is a distinctive centrepiece that deserves to be done your way. Your cake-cutting photos should fill you with emotion because they timelessly reflect your unique love story and are not an ordinary trend.

The proof is in the pudding ( pun intended ). Take a look around my wedding cake gallery, which features some of my favourite creative designs.

Client Review

We met Anesha to talk about our wedding cake designs but honestly, we weren’t really sure what we wanted. We had a vague idea but let Anesha know that we weren’t really sure what type of cake or what was even possible. We’d met a few other wedding cake vendors who’d shown us typical cakes but we were looking for something a little (but not too) different (we just didn’t know what yet!).

Anesha from the first moment we met her was friendly, approachable and clearly enthusiastic and passionate about her job, which meant that she was able to guide us through the whole process of getting our dream wedding cake with ease. She gave us just the right number of options so we didn’t feel overwhelmed but gave us ideas we’d never have come up with on our own, but loved.

Before we decided on favours we bought some cupcakes from Anesha of different flavours (some we picked and some we asked her to surprise us with as we quickly learnt this lady knows what she’s doing to make something delicious). We ended with a semi-naked ‘trio of cakes’, each cake a different flavour and honestly it is the best cake I’ve ever eaten! She kept us in the loop throughout and was so friendly, but honestly, we knew we were in good hands.

I cannot rate her (and her amazing cakes) highly enough!

Ye Ole Bell Hotel and Spa, Retford, Nottinghamshire

Kate & Alex

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